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Pool Rules

(As posted at the club)

  1. No one is allowed in pool unless a LIFEGUARD is on duty or on deck (Adult Swim)
  2. Obey all instructions of LIFEGUARD. The lifeguard has absolute authority to enforce all club rules.
  3. No running on Deck
  4. Stay away from diving board when it is in use. One at a time on the board. Keep pool clear beneath board. Be sure pool is clear before diving.
  5. No back dives from side of pool.
  6. All infants & non-Toilet Trained toddlers must wear swim diapers.
  7. No food or glass in or near pool.
  8. No rough play in or around pool.
  9. Lifeguards may, at their discretion decide that no foreign objects are allowed in or around pool. (Floaters, Balls, Frisbees, etc.)
  10. No swimming under pool cover
  11. All members & their guests are responsible for observance of all pool rules.
  12. Members are responsible for replacement of any damaged property.

                               Swim Test Rules

It has been determined by the board that for safety reasons Lifeguards will be implementing a swim test with the following rules
  1. All children ages 10 years old and under may be required to take a swim test at the discretion of the Lifeguard
  2. Deep End (Diving Board Area) Child must be able to swim unassisted the 2 widths (back and forth) of the Deep End. And keep head above water for one minute.
  3. The Blue Half-way line: Child must be able to swim from the blue line to the end of the pool and and keep head above water for one minute

Guest Wristband Rules


1. The purchase price for guest wristbands is $5.00 each. Cash or check payable to Chabot Swim Club will be accepted for payment at the Club.  For large purchases, please make arrangements in advance and order your wristbands via an email to

2. Member families can earn guest wristbands during the season for attending the General Membership meeting, pool opening and closing work details, mid-season maintenance work details, etc. Guest wristbands can also be earned by referring a new member family to Chabot Swim Club.  Early dues payment (check your invoice for exact date) earns a member family free guest wristbands (check your invoice for number of wristbands).

3. Guest wristbands which have “Chabot Swim Club Guest” printed on them do not expire at the end of the season. Punch cards, blank wristbands, dated wristbands, and any color guest wristbands distributed prior to June 2018 were phased out in 2018 and exchanged for new Marlin's teal-blue colored guest wristbands in June, 2018.  Only new Marlin's teal-colored wristbands marked with the member's key # will be accepted after July 1, 2018. Please contact if you have any questions. 

4. Members are responsible for the safekeeping of their guest passes at all time. The member’s key number should be written on each of their guest passes for easy identification if unused passes are found at the Club.

5. All guests must wear a guest pass wristband at all times upon entering the facility even if the guest is not going to use the pool, tennis courts or basketball courts.

6. Gatekeepers and Lifeguards will not hold onto unused guest passes for members.

7. Guest pass usage:

A. Member must accompany each of his or her guests to the check-in area. Member will identify themselves by key number and provide personal identification.

B. At that time, the member will identify the guest who will present a guest pass wristband to the gatekeeper on duty.

C. The guest pass will be marked with the current date and is then valid for that guest for the remainder of the date marked.

D. The guest must keep this guest pass wristband on at all times while at the Club (swim areas, restrooms, tennis courts, basketball courts and picnic areas).

E. It is the member’s responsibility to instruct his or her guest regarding the rules of Club usage.


Important Reminders from the Club

1.     Members are not permitted inside the parking lot gate before 8am or after 9pm.

2.     The pool closes at 8:30 and the club facility closes at 9 pm.  Members must depart once the facility is closed.

3.     There are no electronically amplified sounds permitted at the club, including radios, karaoke machines and loudspeakers.

4.     Copies of the pool by-laws and limited use permit are available on the club website, and can be obtained on demand by emailing the board.

5.     No flotation devices are permitted in the deep end of the pool

6.     No disorderly conduct is allowed on club property.

7.     Running is not permitted on the concrete.

8.     A parent or responsible adult must be within arm’s reach of any child using flotation devices in the pool.

9.     Hard balls and water balloons are not permitted in the pool.

10. Sidewalk chalk and paint are not allowed inside the Club.

11. The wading pool is specifically for children age 5 and under, who must be accompanied by an adult.  Lifeguards are not responsible for monitoring the children in the wading pool.

12.   Adult swim takes place at 2:00, 4:00 and 6:00 pm, for 20 minutes.  During this time, no person under the age of 16 is permitted in the pool, and no lifeguard will be on duty.

13.  There is no glass allowed on the pool deck.  The pool deck is the space between the drain in front of the tables to the fence line behind the pool.

14.    Guest passes are $5 per person, whether they swim or not.

15.    Children under 13 years old may not be left unattended at the club.  You must be 15 or older to supervise someone at the club under the age of 13.

Club Rules:

A. Procedure:

1.  Keep the club gate locked at all times.  Never leave the gates ajar or blocked open.

2.  Both pools may be used only when a lifeguard is on duty.  This is for safety and mandated by                   Club Insurance Carrier.

3.  Members are responsible for damage caused by themselves, their children, or their guests.

4.  Adult Members are responsible for the conduct of their children.


6.  During On Season, sign in with the gate attendant upon entering the club.  Indicate Key number,       member name, number of family members entering and number of guests if applicable.  A guest       pass wristband must be on record with the gate attendant for each guest, once a day.  Special                   arrangements may be made with the Board of Directors for house guests.

7.  A member's guest is permitted use of the club only while that member is present at the club.

8.  Members are responsible for their observance of all rules by their guests.  Review rules with                   guests prior to or immediately upon entering the club.

9.  Abuse of the guest pass policy is an annoyance to the rest of the membership.  Guest passes                   may not be sold to non-members.

10. Bicycle, scooters, and skateboards riding is not permitted at the club.  This includes the Tennis        and Basketball Courts.

11. Keep animals out of the club.

12. Notify the Lead Lifeguard of any parties to assure proper lifeguard coverage and eliminate                    overcrowding.  All parties in Cabanas should be booked ahead of time through the online                            Cabana Rental System.

13. The loud speaker is for paging and announcing by lifeguards.  Do not use the system for any                    other purpose.  Never use it to amplify music.

14. In order to assure the comfort of all members and guests, there will be a limit to 2 parties per                    Cabana, per day.

a.  There are no cabana rentals on holidays when maximum capacity is expected, and larger                       parties may be discouraged.

b.  Members will be responsible for clean-up of their party area.

15. Picnic tables may not be reserved.  Picnic tables are available on a "first come" basis.                                      Someone must be physically present at the club to reserve an area.

16. Chairs and lounge chairs are for sitting and laying ONLY!  Please put chairs and lounge chairs                    away after use.

B. Conduct and Safety:


2. Children who repeatedly fail to follow club rules may be ejected from the pool for the day and                  may also be restricted to use the club only while his or her parent is in attendance.

C. Courtesy:

1.  Place refuse in the containers that are provided.

2.  Leave the patio, barbecue area, tables, etc. clean when you leave.  Adults using the patio area                   should be careful to see that any breakable picnic accessories are removed when the area is                   vacated.

3.  Return all sports equipment and supplies to the office when you have finished using them.

4.  Do your best to be considerate of others.



If you have any questions or concerns about Chabot Swim Club rules or guest pass policy - please email the board at:

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